Modular Kitchen Coimbatore 2023

Modular kitchen Coimbatore -12 Step by Step Process (2023)

5 மிக முக்கியமான மாடுலர் கிட்சன் அமைக்கும் முன் கவனிக்க வேண்டியவை👇👇

Are you planning to set up Modular Kitchen for your home ?? If so, you must read the below 12 factors completely. Otherwise you may have problems with your interior designer. we merlok interiors provide : Modular kitchen Coimbatore.👈

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#12 Important Factors before install a kitchen (avoid these dangerous mistakes)🔔

    1. Semi Modular vs Fully Modular

    2. Type of kitchen materials               

    3. 3D design

    4. Your budget

    5. Time of Installation

    6. Kitchen Accessories

    7. Types of layouts in kitchen

    8. How to calculate price

    9. Payment details

    10. Best time to design a kitchen

    11. Why modular kitchen instead of normal kitchen

    12. Required applliances

1. Semi Modular vs Fully Modular📌

First you need to understand the difference between semi modular kitchen & fully modular kitchen. If the whole room is MT, the name is fully modular.💡

Granite countertop  If set, the name is semi-modular. A fully modular kitchen is usually the best choice. Setting up (design & accessories) what we need individually is not an easy task on semi modular kitchen.💡

Note: over 90 percent of kitchens are semi modular. But don’t get in to confusion just go with fully modular kitchen for best accessibility.  👈

2. Type of kitchen Materials 📌

   1. Wooden kitchen

   2. Aluminium kitchen

   3. WPC kitchen

   4. PVC modular kitchen

Note: Every material have its own price tag and features. 👈

3. 3D Design 📌
modular kitchen salem

Whoever sets up the interior for your home will give you a 3D design. Coimbatore is often offered to 3d design for customers, at a rate of 50 to 50 percent only .💡

It is great to ask 3D design by customers themselves to their interior designer . This way you can know how your modular kitchen came out finally at higher level of understanding and assurance.💡

Note: Mostly all interior decorators in the market will charge you for a 3D design. 👈

4. Your budget 📌
modular kitchen salem

This is the first thing that all customers have. Each customer will have a different budget. So your interior designer should be able to fit your budget.💡

They also need to be a guide to achieving the right design for their customers.💡

Note: First finalize your budget and tell it to your interior decorator so they can give you a proper advice based on your budget. And it will saves your time so much. 👈

5. Time of installation 📌
modular kitchen salem

Time is so important to everyone living in the world. Some customers will be forced to complete their home very soon.(most people’s housewarming ceremony will be at next week and they tell us to complete the kitchen within 7 days😭😭)💡

Your interior designer should be able to work at your own pace. He should be able to illuminate you with opportunities to finish very quickly.💡

Note: If you go any material it will take 15 days to maximum 45 days to complete (based on material & your interior decorator)  👈

6. Kitchen accessories 📌

First you have to focus on the most basic kitchen accessories. Generally the most basic and fundamental requirement for all types of kitchen is the cutlery basket, tandem box and oil pullout.💡

Design your kitchen accessories according to your kitchen size and based on your daily usage. Use the internet to learn a lot about the kitchen accessories.💡

Note: Go to premium kitchen accessories. yes that cost you more but worth it for a best and best kitchen. ( Modular Kitchen Salem ) 👈

7. Types of layouts in Modular Kitchen 📌
modular kitchen salem

   1. L type kitchen

   2. U type kitchen

   3. Island kitchen

   4. parallel kitchen

   5. straight line kitchen

Note: If you go to any home randomly in india most of the time 90 percent those are L type kitchen only. ( Modular Kitchen Salem )👈

8. How to calculate price 📌
modular kitchen salem

   1. Based on kitchen materials

   2. Based on kitchen size

   3. Based on kitchen Accessories

   4. Based on Appliances

   5. Based on Countertop

Note: If you still have a confusion on “how much will cost me for my kitchen”, just ask it to interior decorator on your location.( Modular Kitchen Salem ) 👈

9. Payment Details 📌
modular kitchen salem

Most interior designers get 50% advance initially. Then they get the remaining 30% of your interior design work going on. Once the customer is satisfied with the job, they get the remaining 20 per cent. Some interior designers get 70% advance and 30% work finished.( Modular Kitchen Salem )💡

Some interior designers receive 90% advance and 10%  after work finished. So make sure to ask your interior designer about this payment details.💡

Note: 99 percent interior decorators ask advance payment before start the work. if you anyone ask no advance then it will be your jackpot. 👈

10. Best time to design a kitchen 📌
modular kitchen salem

   1. Before constructing a house (just leave your kitchen fully empty that is called fully modular)

   2. Construction work going on at your site ( not better  than before & better than after )

  3. After the completion of all civil works ( no problem but the design only based on your kitchen template)

Note: Still confusion just go with fully modular ( empty room) 👈

11. Why modular kitchen instead of normal kitchen 📌

Ordinary Kitchen is very difficult to use for many. Kitchen is very easy to use. You may be more interested in cooking.💡

Most of your cooking time will save using modular kitchen. You can store much more stuff in Modular Kitchen than ordinary kitchen.💡

Example: if normal kitchen is a bicycle then modular kitchen will be a car.👈

12. Required applliances 📌
modular kitchen salem

   1. chimney

   2. hob

   3. microwave oven

   4. oven

   5. refrigerator

   6. dishwasher


   and more

Conclusion 🎙️

This article is provided for you to avoid mistakes, that every customer makes, when setting up a modular kitchen for their homes. Add this if you think this post will be useful for friends and relatives who are planning to set up Modular Kitchen.👈

Or if you would like to set up Modular Kitchen for your home please contact us on 96003 99153.👈

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Q & A 🔔

1. Best material for modular kitchen 🗨️

Every material has its own charecteristics. based on the material features customer only choose the right material for them.💡

2. Is 30000 rupees modular kitchen possible? 🗨️

yes possible. And upto 15 laks kitchen also availbale in the market. we heard about a kitchen which is cost 27 laks on bangalore.💡

Think about the features first why they cost that much price, like BMV vs alto 800.

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